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Thermoforming - Infrared Furnace

Thermoforming process of acrylic materials are appllied between 170-180 0C. Applied temperature, heating homogenity, heating time are related to thickness of the acrylic sheet material and these data are important for the thermoforming of the acrylic materials.

Acrylic sheet can be processed via different kind of heating methods. However  infrared furnaces are energy effective equipment at the thermoforming of acrylic sheet and their energy save can reach up to 9/10 when the other methods are considered. In other words, required energy is 1/10 of other processing / heating methods.   


Other advantage is the perfect resulst of the forming and fusion of acriylic materials. When it  is formed or two sheets are  fused in the infrared furnace, it is not easy to notice the formation places and connection points. Perfect results of fusion with unclear connection points are well appriciated.


Mikrotek infrared thermoforming furnaces are designed to get best results. Accurate temperature data recognition / verification and accurate temperature control enable us to have fine surfaces after the process.


Simple design but effective results are the main reasons why Mikrotek infrared thermoforming furnaces are preffered. Especially competitive price and user friendly design encourages the small and middle workshops to use our product. Bigger companies prefer it to use for small scale works especially to save energy.


Accurate temperature recogntion and accurate temperature control

Effective results and good surface finish without any trace

Energy save

Competitive price


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