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Fume Hood

Gas, smell,smoke, acidic evoporation. They are all the yields of  the laboratorial studies, experiments etc.


Fume hood is the tool to evacuate all of these side products of the laboratories which may be dangerous for the laboratory people. Main purpose is to evacuate all of them in a safe conditions.


Main advantage is to let laboratory people work in a healthy and comfortable environment.



-Resistant to breaking 6 mm tempered glass protection

-Glass protection driven vertically via  motor and manual movement as well.

-PVC fan system resistant against acidic evaporation

-12mm compact base

-PVC covered side walls

-220V plug in the cabin

-Gas connection, water taps in the cabin

-Electronical Control System

-LCD Display

-Adjustable Fan Speed

-Lightining by LED

-Electrostatic Powder Coating

-Seperable bottom rack

Fume Hoods


Mikrotek Fume Hood


Different models, dimensions, properties can be presented upon your request.


Please get in touch with our company for the details.