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About Us

Mikrotek - Laboratory Equipments Manufacturer

Mirotek has been founded in 1995 to manufacture some laboratory equipments. Our focus was dental applications at the initiation of the company. Our brand ' Mikrotek ' has become well-known brand all over Turkey in a short period of time.



Successful starting is followed by growing at 2012. Decision to manufacture some equipments required in different type of laboratories  increased our growing acceleration.



20th anniversary was also another treshold point for the company  and export process is our main focus for 2016-2017. We plan to present our product range to all over the world. We always keep our desire to manufacture some products which add value for our customers.  We are aware that manufacturing relaible, long life and good quality products are always main factor to make our customers satisfied and we believe that combining good quality products with  customer satisfaction will let us reach our vision to be well known brand and well known company all over the world.  

Our Vision

Our main focus is to be a leader laboratory equipment manufacturer in Turkey and well known company all over the world.


Correct product and happy people surrounding our company are main key to be able to reach our aim and target.


What is correct product and who are happy people are defined in our missions. 


We believe in if we can produce correct product with happy people around us than this synergie enable us to survive our company forever.


Our Mission

When we establish our company, we have spend long time to manufacture correct products that our customers prefer and they get advantage when they use. Infact what we produce is solution for the customers more than products.


Any machine, tools which we manufacture should solve our customer problem and  not to be a problem for them. We design them to be preffered in daily working time of our customers and can be used  for long years. To be able to manufacture safe and easy to use, relaible, handy, long life and functional products are main key words for our design.


Our understanding for correct products can be summurized as above and we can manage to manufacture Correct Products with people who has similar desire with us.

We can  present  suitable solutions for our customers, we can create a synergie between our working friends, suppliers and customers-end users. When our customers share their requirements, needs and problems, if they present us their feed back, than we combine our experience, knowledge with our working friends and suppliers support.

We are sure this togethership create a synergie for all of the parts and we gain value added for all of our life. 

The rest is not to stop to study to improve our ability of keeping sustainable these understandings.