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Distilled Water Device

This device is designed and manufactured for the distilled water requirement in laboratory applications.


Water has some chemical contents such as different salts. These contents may change the results of some tests, experiments or applications and distelled water requirement is always important for laboratory applications. 


Main working principal of distilled water devices is to condense the supplied water, after boiling and evopareting process. Distillation volume of the water depends on the power of the device and flow rate of the water. Distilled water tank in the device is designed to be able to get water by the process at any requirement. In brief it is possible to supply distilled water fom the device as soon as it is required but it depends on power of the device and water flow rate.


Our products are desgined considering energy save and our range includes different models depending on  power and volume requirement.

 Basic properties are presented in technical details part.









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-Designed considering energy save.

-Reliable and long life product

-Control Unit with microprocessor

-Boiling water tank sensor

-Distilled  water tank sensor

-Heater error sensor

-Low level water sensor


Water Still - Laboratory Water Distillation Equipment